1st Grade Flea Market

On Friday, April 14, first grade Fletcher Elementary school students participated Flea Market that provided hands on learning for their economics they studied.
For the past two weeks, students have been learning about the comparison between needs and wants and goods and services; at home, school and in the community.What better way to teach these concepts than to provide students with a real life learning experience like a Flea Market?
Students created products such as paintings, Bunny Bars, bookmarks, silly putty, trail mix and more. In order to sell their product, students had to create an advertisement with four criteria: product, price, place and  a slogan. “It was enriching to see students work together to create their advertisement and to see the excitement on students’ faces at they watched other students purchase their goods.” said Mrs. Regtmeier.
Each student participated in three different stations. They bought products, sold products and learned about economic principles from visitors of the Wells Fargo bank.The bank also awarded students with a certificate for participation for Hands On Banking.
When asked their opinion about the Flea Market, Allie R. replied, “I learned from this experience how to trade and count money.”  Griffin T. also commented that he liked to, “buy and sell stuff.” Levi L. stated, “It was fun to be the banker and to be in charge of the money.”
From this experience students learned that it takes everyone working together with various jobs to make a community grow economically. Our goal for this project is that students will be inspired to use their talents to contribute to society and participate in future community growth.
Eli B. liked the Flea Market so much that he even was generous enough to provide a 1 cent tip for his Kool-Aid.
We were excited to teach these concepts!
-Fletcher First Grade Team
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