Girls Leading Our World (GLOW!)

Many of our 5th grade girls participating in GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) led by Liz Barbour, Lynne Fender, and Melissa Golden over the last eight weeks.  What is GLOW you ask?  GLOW is an after school club that focuses on character traits and positive female role models in order to help foster goal setting, career development, and confidence building.   The girls researched famous women, met with successful women in the community, and created dream boards to help them focus on their own goals and how to achieve them.  On April 3, parents were invited to the GLOW Showcase where the girls led the presentation and told about all of the things they have learned. It was a fun and memorable experience for everyone!


GLOW Presentation Presenting Dreamboards Sharing Our Learning My Goals! Our GLOW group GLOW is Great!

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