Cookies & Cocoa with Santa

Did I see Santa’s sleigh on the rooftop at Fletcher Elementary?  Did I hear joyful voices singing holiday songs?  The answer is–YES!!!  We had our annual Cookies & Cocoa with Santa event last Friday night here at Fletcher Elementary and it was another memorable event for everyone who participates.  The evening included performances by Mrs. Norman’s kindergarten class and by our chorus under the direction of Ms. Linda Greene.  Ms. Davis also organized an art show as part of the evening and each student in every grade had art work on display for the public to see.

Our PTO did an incredible job as always organizing volunteers to hand our hot chocolate and cookies and to run the Holiday Shoppe so students could buy gifts for their friends and family.  Additionally, we had numerous vendors on hand for more shopping options.  Most importantly though, we had SANTA CLAUS with us all evening for pictures and to talk to children about their Christmas lists.  We are already looking forward to next year’s event.

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