School Improvement

Etowah Elementary School
2008-2011 School Improvement

Welcome to Etowah’s School Improvement Page!

Our school, like all other schools in the district, has a School Improvement Plan.  This plan is developed using the district’s Strategic Plan, data from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, test scores, data from the US Census Bureau as well as from Henderson County’s Chamber of Commerce.  Using the information from these sources, the team updates the School Improvement Plan each year, and every 3rd year, we revisit the previous 3-year plan and set new goals for our children and staff, depending on the growth and trends that are evident from the data sources.  We have a School Improvement Team who orchestrates the gathering of information, the analysis of the data, and the determination as to how to proceed to best meet our goals.  However, anyone who wishes to attend School Improvement meetings is more than welcome to do so.  We would also welcome any input that you might have.

Our team members for 2010-2012 are:


  • Bettye Hixson, Chair/2nd Grade
  • Mike Thorpe, Principal
  • Julia Keyse, Kindergarten
  • Jennifer Furr, 1st Grade
  • Danette Wesson, 2nd Grade
  • Melonie Watts, 3rd Grade
  • Sandra Burnette, 4th Grade
  • Sheri McKelvin, 5th Grade
  • Lisa Holland, Teacher Assistant
  • Leah Cook, Reading Specialist
  • Emily Ingram, School Counselor
  • Mikie Broadhurst, Media Specialist
  • Pam Justus, Parent-Teacher Coordinator
  • Kerrie Gosnell, Parent
  • Becky Lance, Parent



**All members of the School Improvement Team are nominated by their representative groups and approved by secret ballot.