Science Resources

Following are helpful websites and information:


Climate Classroom

Earth Guide

Enchanted Learning: Landforms and Bodies of Water

Environmental Education for Kids (EEK: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources) Plate Tectonics

NASA Visible Earth (Catalog of NASA Images and Animations)

PBS: Savage Earth (volcano videos, articles, and animations)

Teaching Geomorphology in the 21st Century (videos of soil erosion)

Weathering and Erosion Powerpoint

Forces and Motion

Forces and Movement

Forces, Motion, and Simple Machines (Lesson Plans from Learn NC)

The Franklin Institute: Simple Machines Simple Machines

Lesson Plan Idea Websites

Discovery Education: Forces

Discovery Education: Friction in Our Lives

Discovery Education: Introduction to Physical Science

Discovery Education: Motion, Forces, Energy, and Electricity

Simple Machines in Appliances, Gadgets, and Everyday Life

General Topics

AAAS Assessment

AAAS Project 2061

AAAS Project 2061 Publications

Benchmarks Online (AAAS: American Association for the Advancement of Science)

Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears (Thematic Issues)

Discovery Education School Resources

I Teach Inquiry Network

Kids’ Planet

NASA: Earth Observatory

NCDPI Crosswalk Documents for K-5

NCDPI Released Forms

NCDPI Science Curriculum

NC Kid Science

National Science Digital Library (NSDL)

NSDL Resources

NSDL Strand Maps

New Science Standards (Achieve)

Next Generation Science Standards

Science Essentials

The Science House  (worksheets, lesson plans, and materials for teaching science)

Songs for Teaching

Plants and Animals

A Place to Grow (plant growth and development)

Plant and Soil Curriculum Guides

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Let’s Go Outside!

Wildlife Conservation Society Website


Elementary Globe: Clouds Have Names

Flood Safety

Lesson Plan Central: Weather

Lightning Safety

NASA Science: Weather

NOAA Weather Radio

Turn Around Don’t Drown

Tornado Safety

WYFF News Channel 4 (Greenville, SC) Interactive Weather Radar

The Water Cycle

Discovery at Willow Creek

Earth’s Floor: Water Cycle

Kid Zone’s Water Cycle

Jefferson Lab Teacher Resources

Music Room Science Songs

What is water?

Weather Scope: Make a Weather Station

Web Weather for Kids (clouds, thunderstorms, tornados, winter, and hurricanes)

Windows to the Universe

Cloud Types

Serious Weather Conditions


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