Content Literacy Strategies

Four Minute Comprehension

5-3-1 Strategy

ABC Graffiti

ABC Graffiti Description

Admit and Exit Cards

Anticipation Guide

Carousel Brainstorming


Column Notes

Column Notes Template

Concept Definition Mapping Template

Concept Definition Mapping Description

CSI Description

Exclusion Brainstorming

Final Word

Frayer Model

Headline It

Interesting Words

Jigsaw Summary

Kid Key Word Information Drawing

Linear Array

Link Reading Strategy

Listgrouplabel Description

Marginalia Description

Marginalia Graphic


Probable Passage

Reciprocal Teaching Group Member Cards

Reciprocal Teaching Prompt Cards

Semantic Feature Analysis

Sketching through the Text Description

Stop and Jot

Tear Share Description

The Golden Line

Think Aloud Description

Vocabulary Map Description

Vocabulary Rubric Description

Word Sort