Edneyville Elementary class gives to the homeless

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By Rebecca Walter, Times-News Staff Writer

Picture of items donated by Mrs. Staton's StudentsAndrea Staton-Jacklin’s third-grade class at Edneyville Elementary wanted to do something special for the community this Christmas.

The students gathered items to give to the homeless in Henderson County through Homeward Bound of WNC, and one student who didn’t have anything to bring in tried to give his own hat.

“Some of my kids have nothing to give, but we decided instead of exchanging presents between ourselves, we would bring in things to (give) to the homeless,” Staton-Jacklin said.

She didn’t know how many bags of items they would be able to fill, but figured there would be around 10. The students blew her away when they gathered enough items for 39 bags.

The items include scarves, gloves, hats, toiletries and other goodies.

“It was very exciting; I get cold chills when I think about it,” Staton-Jacklin said.

Glori Keating of Homeward Bound WNC thanked the students for their generosity, and told them they would be making a difference in the lives of those in their community.

“To call these students rock stars is an understatement,” Keating said.

Those interested in donating to Homeward Bound of WNC or learning about the organization’s efforts to help the homeless population can call Keating at 828-774-7715.

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