Policies and Procedures

Attendance Policy

Henderson County Attendance Policy 405

Regular and punctual attendance is essential to school success.
In addition to the NC Compulsory Attendance Law, Dana Elementary School has adopted the following guidelines:

Effective Immediately:

All student absences must be documented by a parent note. “Lawful” absences include: student illness, injury, death of a family member, medical appointments, and other reasons which may be approved in advance by the principal.
A parent note must be received within 5 days of a student’s absence, or the absences will be considered “unlawful.”
“Unlawful” absences will be dealt with as follows:
3 absences:Parent notification
6 absences:Written notification that parent may be in violation of NC law
10 absences:Referral to the Court System
When a student has accumulated 10 absences, whether “lawful” or “unlawful,” a doctor’s note will be requested for future absences.
Excessive absences may be grounds for grade retention at the principal’s discretion.
Students who arrive tardy (after 8:00) interrupt class, miss important instructions, and feel unprepared for the day.

Head Lice Policy
Head Lice can be a common problem in elementary school. Should nits or live lice be detected, you will be called to take your child home. Your child may return to school when the hair is free of nits. Upon return, an adult must accompany your child to the office for a check before re-admittance

1. Purchase an over-the-counter head lice treatment product at the pharmacy. We recommend you use NIX Creme Rinse. If you are unable to afford the treatment, you may call the Health Department for assistance. NIX rinse and CLEAR lice egg remover seem to be more effective.
2. Follow all treatment directions.
3. Thoroughly remove nits before returning to school.
4. Students with head lice will not be allowed to come back to school until they have used a treatment and had live nits removed. When your child returns to school, he/she will be screened by school personnel trained by the Health Department before going to class.
5. Please treat your child quickly. We want him/her in class as much as possible.

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