School Tools

Ms. Wollner knows which materials are important.

Dana Elementary strives for a comprehensive approach to education.  We implement various curricula throughout the school that provide cohesion and unity, both within grade levels and vertically as students progress and age at Dana.  We place an emphasis on delivering these programs and concepts with fidelity to reinforce and expand student’s knowledge and educational comfort, while also tailoring them to meet the standard objectives for each grade.  For example, students are exposed to the Jr. Great Books series from kindergarten on to build critical thinking and develop a inquiry/discussion-based approach to reading.  The entire faculty is also trained in Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Happy Children, and uses this as a base for dealing with and instructing behavior to extremely positive results.

The curricula we use include:

Jr.Great Books

Stephanie Harvey’s Comprehension Toolkit

Fountas & Pinnell Phonics

Investigations Math

Leader in Me7 Habits

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