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HCPS Web Accessibility


Since April 2018, the Henderson County Public Schools have taken steps to ensure our website is compliant for all users according to the WCAG 2.1 Guidelines. We believe that our website should be accessible to everyone, just as our physical buildings are made accessible to all community members, staff and students.

As we continue to maintain ADA compliance with our site:
  • We will train appropriate staff on creation of compliant documents.
  • We will ensure posted PDF documents are accessible by screen readers.
  • We will make posted electronic forms accessible.
  • We will tag all posted images with alternative text so that screen readers can easily identify them.
  • We will close-caption all posted videos.
  • We will ensure proper contrast of foregrounds and backgrounds for best viewability.
  • We will strive to continuously stay aware of changes in accessibility tools and guidelines.

It is important to understand that we can only control the accessibility of our own created content, not the content of others. We often provide links to a variety of outside resources that we feel are important to our website visitors, community, staff and students; however, the content on outside resources may or may not comply with accessibility guidelines.

If you have a concern regarding the accessibility of our site or its resources, please complete the following Web Accessibility Concerns form to provide us with the opportunity to better serve you and your needs.

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Other Contact Methods
By Phone:
Henderson County Public Schools Technology Department
(828) 890-1658
By Mail:
Henderson County Public Schools Technology Department
Attn: ADA Compliance
96 School House Road
Mills River, NC 28759