School Menus

See the new School Nutrition and Special Diets page for meal planning guidance .

We are providing meal planning tools to help Students and their parents plan daily school meals that will fit their individual dietary needs. Please be advised that daily menus may be changed due to unforeseen circumstances.


Flex Dec Traditional 16 Breakfast

Flex Dec UNIVERSAL breakfast 16

 Dec UNIVERSAL breakfast 16

Flex Dec 16 Elem Lunch

Dec Traditional 16 Breakfast

Dec 16 Elem Lunch

December Secondary Breakfast 2016

December Secondary Lunch 2016

January Traditional 17  Breakfast

January Universal Breakfast  17

January 17 Elementary lunch

January Secondary Breakfast 2017

January Secondary Lunch 2017

School Menus

Child Nutrition Supervisor Amanda Stansbury Proudly displaying The Summer Nutrition Champion Award  for  increasing summer meal service for 2016.