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School Menus

Recent changes to School Meals include:

  • Child Nutrition does not fry any foods except French Fries at High Schools. French Fries at high schools are not offered more than once per week.
  • In the past several years, we have changed our recipes to decrease sugar, sodium, and eliminate trans-fats.
  • Child Nutrition does not use any whole fat milk or whole milk products. All milk offered to students is 1% or skim. The chocolate and vanilla milk that we serve students is also lower in sugar than the flavored milks sold in grocery stores and it is made with sugar instead of HFCS.

School Menus:

Sept. Mid and High Breakfast 2014

September Middle and High lunch 2014

September PSPM

Sept Elementary Lunch 2014

Sept. Universal Breakfast 2014

Sept 2014 Traditional Elementary Breakfast

October Lunch Elementary 2014

October universal Breakfast

October elementary breakfast

October Secondary Breakfast 2014

October Secondary Lunch 2014








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