Food Safety

ServeSafe® Certification

In addition to improving the nutritional content of school meals, the Child Nutrition program has worked diligently to ensure that the meals we provide to students are safe and free from contaminants. All cafeteria managers are ServSafe® or NC Safeplates Certified. ServSafe® is a food safety course administered and developed by the National Restaurant Institution and is recognized by state and local officials as a top food safety course. NC Safe Plates was Developed by UNC and is administered by The Cooperative extension agency of NCDA.
All our cafeterias maintain a minimum of a 90 on their health inspection score.

All of our cafeterias have developed and integrated a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Plan (HACCP) into their daily operations. HACCP is a integrated food safety system that tracks foods from the time they are delivered to the school until they are served to the customers. It monitors food temperatures, delivery temperatures, holding and storage times, food handling protocols, and all points in food preparation that food could be exposed to biological, chemical, and physical hazards. This program ensures that the food the Child Nutrition program serves is safe and sanitary for the customers, our students, and staff.