Childcare is an optional childcare service designed especially for the children of Henderson County Public Schools and their working parents. HCPS Childcare offers PSAM and PSPM in all 13 elementary schools. The programs operate on a self-sufficient basis. Fees are kept as low as possible to provide the necessary revenue to pay staff salaries and purchase supplies. Eligible students are Henderson County Public School students K-5th grade.

HCPS Childcare is licensed by the North Carolina Department of Human Resources’ category star rating, as well as the Department of Public Instruction. Inspections are State conducted.

The HCPS Childcare Program insures that every effort is made to provide a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable environment for children enrolled. Many activities are planned to enhance the learning environment of the school day. Warm and cheerful care is the basis of the supervision that is provided in each program.

The PSAM program is planned according to the early morning hours. The program provides children a variety of indoor activities which, by design, are quiet, non competitive, and restful (not overly stimulating). These activities may include homework, reading, drawing, coloring and table games. The PSAM program does not include a snack. Students may purchase breakfast following the PSAM program.

The PSPM program is an active program, taking into consideration that the children have been in class throughout the day. The PSPM program should be a time of fun and relaxation. This program includes snack, arts and crafts, table games, physical activities both inside and outside, story time, science, dramatic play, plus many other fun and educational things to do. Quiet time is also offered daily and children may choose to work on their homework during this time. A daily schedule, menu, and other important information are posted for parents to review.

The Summer PLUS program is an active program with consideration that the children are on their summer break. The program is planned with many fun summertime activities scheduled. This program includes a morning and afternoon snack. Field trips are an exciting part of the summer program. Some additional fees may be required for field trips. Fun and educational trips are planned each week. A weekly visit to the pool is included as well. Presenters are scheduled from time to time to share with the children.

The PLUS program includes arts and crafts, table games, physical activities-inside and outside, story time, science, dramatic play, plus many other fun and educational things to do. A quiet time is offered daily to give the children a time to relax. On full day schedules for teacher workdays, winter weather days, and summer PLUS, students are required to bring their own lunch. These must include a drink in a nonbreakable container. Lunches should be healthy and well-balanced. Please do not send foods that require heating. Refrigeration is available for all lunches and drinks. Please make sure your child’s name is on his/her lunch and drink.

During the after school hours and Summer PLUS hours, North Carolina Childcare Law states that children should play outdoors every day, if weather permits. Weather permitting means non-excessive temperatures including excessively hot or cold. Children should be dressed appropriately for the weather conditions. All children must be able to participate in all the daily activities. If a child is not well enough to go outside, the child is not well enough to be at the center.