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Cooperative FAQs

Q. What are the requirements for enrollment in a cooperative education course?

  • Students must be enrolled in a workforce development education (career technical education) course offering the cooperative method. The following five areas offer cooperative education : 
    • Agriculture Education
    • Business Education
    • Family and Consumer Sciences Education
    • Marketing Education
    • Trade and Industrial Education
  • A signed training agreement that outlines the responsibilities of all parties.
  • An individual training plan
  • Classroom Instruction and coordinated activities provided by a licensed teacher in the content area
  • At least 25 min per week per student for Teacher/Coordinator to coordinate cooperative education activities
  • The cooperative education class must happen in the same academic school year (summer, fall, spring) as the accompanying career technical course provided:
    • Teacher/Coordinator approves the student as a cooperative education placement
    • A teacher-coordinator is available to provide coordination of the work-based learning
    • All coordination policies are followed
    • A training agreement is on file for the student
    • The student is following a progressive training plan

Q. What are the responsibilities of a cooperative education teacher?

  • Guiding and selecting students based upon student career development plans and local opportunities
  • Enlisting the participation of the employers
  • Teaching related instruction
  • Handling educational problems
  • Directing student organization activities
  • Representing the school effectively with employer and community contacts
  • Carrying out school policies related to cooperative education
  • Assisting students in adjusting to the work environment
  • Motivating students and employers
  • Understanding local, state, and federal laws relating to workforce development education , the employment of minors, and safety
  • Complete required documents for local policies, NC DPI and the Division of Workforce Development Education for all students:
    • Training Agreement
    • Cooperative Education Placement Report
    • Cooperative Education Coordination Record
    • Cooperative Education Coordinator Sign-out Sheet
    • Cooperative Education Weekly Job Search Update
    • Select the on-the-job training stations
    • Confer with parents, students
    • Visit training stations to monitor student progress
    • Prepare training agreements
    • Develop training plans
    • Maintain teacher-coordination records
    • Plan and host employer orientation workshop
    • Develop new training prospects
    • Conduct employment and equipment surveys
    • Formulate and develop individual instructional strategies and activities related to the employment and curriculum

Q. Do you know what items are required in a cooperative education training agreement?

  • Must outline the rules and responsibilities of the student, parent, employer, and teacher-coordinator and school administration.
  • Signature of all parties involved before the end of the schedule change period

Q. For a student cooperative education training plan, what records are required?

  • The training plan should have a list of competencies a cooperative education student is expected to demonstrate while in the workplace.
  • A developed work and activities plan
  • Must have employer and student signatures after reviewing the plan

Q. What records are required to be filed in a student folder who is participating in a cooperative education program?

  • Wage and Hour Record-documenting worked wages earned on a monthly basis. This may also include a Summer Wage and Hour Record
  • Cumulative Wage and Hour Record
  • Cooperative Education Contact Record
  • Cooperative Education Placement Report
  • Cooperative Education Coordination Record
  • Employer Evaluation
  • Coordinator Sign-out Sheet
  • Mileage Report
  • Training Agreement and Plan

Q. Are there any additional records that can be included in a student’s file?

  • Weekly Job Search Update / Interview Summary – may be needed to document search while unemployed
  • Request for Job Change- form completed when he/she is considering a job change

Q. Who handles the recordkeeping for students who are participating in a cooperative education program?

  • Cooperative Education Teacher/ Coordinator

Q. Who provides information to students/parents/employers on cooperative education program expectations?

  • Cooperative Education Teacher/ Coordinator

Q. Is it required that students be paid for the time they work?

  • The cooperative education program is designed to be a paid experience. We require that students find a paying job to participate.

Q. What are the teacher certification requirements to participate in a cooperative education program?

  • Teachers must be licensed in the content area of the class and cooperative education experience.

Q. What is the minimum age for a student to participate in the cooperative education program?

Q. Are there a minimum number of hours per week a student can work?

  • This is a local and program coordinator decision. But there will more than likely be a need to set a minimum in order to meet the cumulative total hours required for the program.

Q. Does each High School in our area have a cooperative education program in place?

  • Yes


School contacts for Marketing Coops:

Amy Singletary- NHHS

Lori Chapell- EHHS

Jason Stanley- HHS

Stephanie Gaddy- WHHS

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