“Getting to Know You” at Innovative High Schools

Students play outside

For the first time since either school’s inception, Henderson County Career Academy and Early College students are all studying under one roof. Despite sharing the same common spaces and cafeteria at the new Innovative High Schools building, the two groups of students didn’t really know each other after the first couple months of school.

Until student leaders decided to change that.

The Career Academy and Early College student government associations worked together to plan a mixer for Wednesday, Oct. 4, during which students took advantage of the grassy area and gymnasium to play soccer, volleyball, and basketball, or played board games in the common area together.

The event was also part of the schools’ “Week of Kindness,” which the two SGAs built around “Blue Shirt Day,” the World Day of Bullying Prevention, which fell on Monday, Oct. 2.

“It showed both schools that we aren’t that different, and to practice kindness not only this week or month, but every day,” said Kate R., president of the Career Academy’s SGA.

In addition to posting facts about bullying throughout the school, the SGAs created an anti-bullying poster that students signed on Wednesday, pledging to practice kindness.

Not only did the weeklong theme raise awareness about bullying, Kate said, it encouraged students from the two schools to interact.

Early College SGA President Lisa S. said the mixer was a key element, since the two schools usually operate on different class schedules.

“We share this building, but we don’t have a time to mingle,” she said. “It’s been really good,” Lisa added. “The coaches opened up the gym – we have a lot of interest in basketball.”

Both student leaders agreed it was a unifying experience, and want to plan more.

“I hope we can have more of these,” Lisa said. “It’s nice to get to know the people you share a building with.”

– By Molly McGowan Gorsuch
Public Information Officer

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