What Will My Child Learn?

Please refer to these booklets you can download for each elementary grade. Click on the links below to get this information. (You will need Adobe Reader to see these. Click to download Adobe Reader, a free software.)

Parents Guide to Student Success Guía Para Padres Para Fomentar el Éxito Escolar
Kindergarten Kindergarten
First Grade Primer Grado
Second Grade Segundo Grado
Third Grade Tercer Grado
Fourth Grade Cuarto Grado
Fifth Grade Quinto Grado

Parent Overview of what your child will learn

What are the promotion requirements?

Promotion requirements are important for parents to monitor. This helps keep your child on track throughout the year. This is especially important for end-of-grade testing, which occurs in third, fourth, and fifth grades. (See also  information about the Read to Achieve Program and the parent brochure .) In order to be considered for promotion by the principal, a student must:

1. Demonstrate proficiency on the grade level state curriculum competencies as measured by designated assessments and each grade, K-5.

2. Elementary students must be in attendance for a minimum of 164 days to be considered for promotion to the next grade (Board Policy #405); and

3. Meet the classroom teacher’s grade level expectations.

What do the report cards look like, and how do they measure my child’s progress?

In addition to parent-teacher conferences, report cards provide important information and an excellent way to stay informed about how your child is progressing academically and what areas need a little extra attention. Click on the links below to view Henderson County Public Schools Grades K through 2 report cards.

Kindergarten Report Card Boleta de Calificaciones del Kinder
First Grade Report Card Boleta de Calificaciones del 1st Grado
Second Grade Report Card Boleta de Calificaciones del 2nd Grado

Click for the NC School Report Card.

Students in Grades 3 through 5 receive individual progress reports using the same grading scale as students in Grades 6-12.

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