Student Safety

Student safety is a paramount concern of parents and teachers.  For this reason, all visitors must enter school only by the OFFICE ENTRY.

  1. Go by the office to check in and get a visitor or volunteer badge.  Teachers are required to ask that anyone who comes to their door without a badge return to the office for proper sign-in.
  2. Please have the courtesy of making an appointment if you plan to visit or observe during the instructional day.
  3. If you plan to join your child for lunch, please notify the teacher by sending a note to the teacher.  This will help us plan to have enough food ready each day.
  4. All exterior doors will be kept closed and locked at all times.  For our students’ safety, we ask everyone to please enter at the main office.

Emergency drills

We work closely with local law enforcement and first responders to create a safe learning environment for each individual.

  1. Fire drills are held at least once a month.
  2. Tornado drills are held periodically.
  3. Lock down and emergency procedure drills also will take place periodically.

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