Parent Tips & Info


  1. Send a note to the teacher if your child’s after-school ride situation changes. Be specific as to what your arrangements are for the child to go home.
  2. Send a note if your child is going home with another child. All parties involved will need to send notes. The notes should be approved by the teacher. Please reference the information above about bus capacity.
  3. Please advise the school of any telephone, address, or other vital information changes. We need this information as soon as possible so that we may have effective communication between school and home.
  4. If you have custody papers for your child, be sure they are on file with us. We cannot enforce agreements without court documents.
  5. If your child is having a problem in school, please schedule a conference with the child’s teacher. Please give the teacher an opportunity to assist you with solving the problem. If you need additional assistance, please contact the principal.
  6. Conferences should be scheduled before or after school. Schedule conferences in advance when possible. Mondays are generally not available as they are designated staff meeting days.
  7. Sometimes the teacher may be able to return your phone call during their planning time. Please do not request that a teacher leave the class to take a phone call.  Leave a message and they will return your call as soon as time is available.
  8. Please extend the courtesy of making an appointment to speak with school staff.
  9. Work with your child on responsibility for carrying messages back and forth between you and his/her teacher and getting information home such as parent memos, school notices, teacher notes and other important communications.

Parent and Community Involvement

The PTO provides parents the opportunity to work together with teachers in a cooperative effort to provide students with an effective and positive learning environment.  We encourage all parents to participate in the PTO, helping to provide the support and involvement necessary to make Atkinson an inviting educational environment.  Working together we will be successful.

Volunteers are an essential part of any successful school.  Atkinson Elementary welcomes parent/community involvement.  We need volunteers to share their time and talents to enhance our school programs and curriculum.

Lost and Found

Lost and found is located just outside the office area.  Students who have misplaced jackets, sweaters, shirts, etc. should always check the coat rack for such items. Parents are asked to clearly label all materials belonging to their child.  This makes it easy to return the lost item.


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