Food Services

Well-planned meals are served in the cafeteria.  Parents are encouraged to eat with us and enjoy time with your child.  If you visit your child for lunch, please notify your child’s teacher to be sure enough food is prepared by the cafeteria staff.

Children will not be allowed to charge for their meal if they accidentally forget his/her lunch money. An alternate lunch will be provided in this case. Please plan to pre-pay to avoid charges.

Students may pay for lunches daily or may prepay for lunches.  Lunch and breakfast prices are as follows:

Breakfast: full cost $1.00, reduced $0.30, adult $1.15; extra milk $0.50

Lunch:  full cost $2.40, reduced $ 0.40, adult $3.25; extra milk $0.50

Link to HCPS lunch menus

Foods Sent to the Classrooms/School

Due to the increase in food allergies and food-borne illnesses, home-produced items are prohibited from being used as part of school-based parties and celebrations.  Foods for these events must be commercially prepared, packaged and labeled.

Free & Reduced Meal Information

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