Frequently Asked Questions

What time does school start?
School starts at 8:00 AM. Students are marked tardy if they arrive after bell rings at 8:00. Students should be in the classroom and ready to learn at that time.

What time does school end?
School ends at 3:00pm each day. Students can be picked up in the car rider line, ride the bus, or attend PSPM (registration required).  Please refrain from picking up your child early so instruction will not be disrupted.

What is the average class size?
The average class size is approximately 18-21 students.

What is menu for today?
Please see the web page for the current menu.

Can I visit my child during the school day?
Family members can visit their child during lunch. Please pre-arrange other school visits with your child’s teacher.

If my child is sick, can I pick up his/her homework?
If you would like to pick up homework for your child, please call the office in the morning. The office will notify the teacher. The teacher will have your child’s work ready for pick up in the office in the afternoon.

Can I send medication to school with my child?
Teachers are not allowed to give medicine to a child without proper authorization from the parent. For over-the-counter medications, parents must fill out a form in the office authorizing the administering of the medication. If the medication is a prescription drug, the form must be signed by the doctor.

How do I become a volunteer?
If you would like to be a volunteer, complete and submit a Volunteer Application to the school office. See the HCPS webpage for further information about volunteering.

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