The School Bus

Click the link below for a detailed list if expected behaviors on the school bus.

School Bus Expectations

Riding a school bus is a privilege – not a right. All busses are under the authority of the bus driver. Students must obey the driver and the bus rules. School bus misbehavior will be reported to the principal who will take appropriate action to correct the problem.

1. SAFETY is the utmost concern on our busses. The bus driver may assign seats if necessary. Cameras may be used on the bus for periodic monitoring of bus activity.

2. Students must sit on their bottoms and facing forward while riding the school bus.

3. Students need to remember to avoid loud talking and yelling.

4. Students must get off at the same place everyday unless they have a note from their parents which has been signed by the teacher or principal.

School Bus Rules and Expectations

  • Observe the same conduct as in the classroom
  • Be courteous; use no profane language
  • Do not eat or drink on the bus
  • Keep the bus clean
  • Cooperate with the bus driver
  • No possession or use of tobacco products
  • Do not be destructive
  • Remain in your seat until the bus comes to a complete stop
  • Seatbelt (if equiped) must be properly worn
  • Keep head, hands, feet and all items inside the bus
  • The driver is authorized to assign seats


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