Attendance Information

Attendance at Atkinson Elementary is traditionally outstanding.  Each year, we have at least 96% overall attendance by our students.  This is a tribute to each family’s efforts to have their child at school daily.  We appreciate this effort!

Good attendance is essential to the academic success of students.  HCPS Attendance Policy 405 (link here) states that elementary students must be in attendance for a minimum of 164 days to be considered for promotion to the next grade.  This limits the number of absences for students in elementary schools to 16 days per year.

Attendance at school is important every day of the school year.  For a child to do their best, he/she must be present at school.  Please do not schedule vacations during the school year.  Educational vacations are not lawful absences.

When your child is sick, we certainly do not expect him or her to attend school, but please make every effort to have your child in school each day possible.

    1. If your child has a chronic illness or is hospitalized for an extended period of time, please submit medical verification to the principal.
    2. Parents must provide the school with a note identifying the reason for the absence within three (3) days of their child returning to school.  If we do not receive a note explaining the child’s absence then it will be coded as unlawful. The note should be dated and specify the reason for the absence.

An unlawful absence is defined as a student’s willful absence from school without the knowledge of the parent or guardian, or the student’s absence for any reason other than illness or injury, quarantine, death in the immediate family, medical or dental appointments, court or administrative proceedings, or religious observances.

According to NC General Statute (GS:115C-378e), if unlawful absences (10 in all) cannot be justified the principal is required to investigate and further notify the District Attorney for suspected truancy or file a complaint with the juvenile intake counselor.

Attendance Recovery:

Students who miss school over the 16 days will be expected to participate in attendance recovery.  You will be provided more information if your child needs to participate in attendance recovery..


Students arriving after 8:00 a.m. are tardy and must report to the office and be signed in by their parent for admittance to class.  Students should not leave school prior to 3:00 p.m. except for appointments or emergencies.  Tardies cost your child valuable educational instruction.  Tardies also interrupt the learning process for other students.  Be considerate of other students’ education.  Excessive tardies may result in a referral to the Henderson County Public Schools’ attendance counselor, required conferences, and/or required after school make-up time.

Early Pick-up:

Parents are requested not to pick up a child before the regular dismissal time.  This is an interruption of the educational process, not only for your child, but other children as well.  If a child leaves before 11:30 am and does not return, he/she is marked absent for the entire day.  However, any portion of the day a child can attend is to their benefit.  Please provide verification for medical appointments. Please schedule these as near the beginning or end of the day as possible so your child can be in school.

Students leaving early must be signed out in the office and be dismissed only to a parent or approved family member as determined by the student’s emergency card information. This procedure is for your child’s protection – please keep information updated to facilitate this function, especially in emergency situations or early weather related school closings.

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