Summer Reading Incentive 2018

Hello Atkinson Families!

We wanted to remind you of the summer reading incentive given to your student during our end of year field day.

Back to School Celebration -August 31, 2018

Put First Things First

Let’s Stop the Summer Slide…

And Instead Have…

A Back to School Waterslide!!


What is Summer Slide?

Summer Slide is what happens when the skills students learn during the school year are lost or forgotten over the summer. When kids don’t practice their reading skills during the summer months, they can fall behind by the time school starts again.

We will be so excited to start a new school year but first, we want to make sure our Atkinson students do not become victims of The Summer Slide!  As a school wide reading incentive, we are encouraging each student to read for 30 minutes a day for at least 5 days a week. Each student who reaches this goal will be treated to early admittance to the Back to School Water Slide and other water activities, as well as, a cold treat. We are encouraging reading for enjoyment, so your child may read books of his/her choice, we just ask that a parent completes and signs the attached reading log.  We will ask for the logs to be returned at the beginning of next school year.

During field day, students chose five free paperback books purchased by the school!  You and your child may exchange these books all summer from the bins in the school office (Mon – Fri).  At the end of the summer, your child will have five free books to add to his/her home library.  Mrs. Evans left a detailed sheet included in the baggie when your child brought home his/her books.

Lost your reading log for the summer incentive?  Print from this link or download the attachment:

Summer Reading Slide Incentive 2018.pdf

Have a great summer!

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