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Henderson County Public Schools Utilizes the SchoolMessenger® Rapid Notification System

All messages come from 1-866-755-6217. Please be sure this number isa saved in your contact list on your phone. 

Parents, please be sure to have a plan in place for your child in the event the start of school is delayed, if students are dismissed early or if there has to be a cancelation of school due to inclement weather. The decision regarding school cancellation or delay is typically made before 5:30 a.m., with calls going out to parents between 6:00 and 6:20 a.m. In the event of an early dismissal, calls will go out as soon as the decision is made allowing time to ensure the safe transportation of students to their home. It is vital that your child’s school has up-to-date telephone numbers so that we can ensure proper notification. In addition to our phone notification, you can also access school closing information from our local radio and television stations as well as  Henderson County Public School’s website, Facebook and Twitter.

Message Retrieval – please return the call (1-866-755-6217) and listen to messages that were sent.

Please contact our school when your primary phone number has changed.

Our school may be utilizing the SchoolMessenger® service for:

  • Back to School
  • Attendance / Absence Notification
  • Parent Conferences
  • Special Events
  • End of Grade Testing Dates
  • Sports Cancellations
  • Report Card Distribution
  • PTO

The district will be utilizing the SchoolMessenger service for:

  • Weather Related Information
  • Emergency Messages
  • Transportation
  • Early Release Reminders


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